our it facility

Aeren IT has one of the Finest IT Facilities in Northern India.

In the high-tech, high-speed world of information technology, we have a world-class IT infrastructure, equipped with all facilities, services and cutting-edge technology.

Infrastructure- State of the Art

Aeren's, state-of-the-art development facility includes four floors of world-class IT services. The company’s advanced infrastructure provides employees with the latest technological capabilities, Beautifully and aesthetically designed architecture and decorated interior infrastructure. Lush green lawns, fountains synchronized with nature help in giving an eco-friendly working environment. Energy-saving system, solar system, Waste water treatment system, advance Sewerage treatment Plant helps us to protect the environment.

The 24 x 7 development center boasts more than 82,000 square feet of Class “A” infrastructure and features quad-redundant power and communications systems for true zero downtime. Aeren takes extensive precautionary measures to ensure the security of its facility as well as its data and information, is fully protected. Consequently, each floor in the building is furnished with independent redundant power supplies and the entire facility has additional diesel generator backups.

A fully centrally air-conditioned facility features conference and training rooms with 50-60 seating capacity. Also, there are small meeting rooms and discussion rooms on each floor. Furthermore, Aeren regularly extends invitations to its clients to visit.

24 hour "A" grade security system, fire security, alarm system and CCTV surveillance. Moreover, there are multiple security guards on-premise and each employee receives access through a personalized card key. Biometric scanners provide an additional layer of security. Aeren continues to invest in the facility to ensure it enables us to provide clients with optimum value.

"Being a great workplace is more about how employees are treated, than what they are given"

Life at Aeren is rewarding. Employees can take advantage of various games and sports activities. There is a special Recreational Zone for our employees which includes many stress buster activities and games. We have indoor activities like Billiards, Foosball, Chess, as well as outdoor activities which include a Badminton court, mini Golf area, a movie room, Open-air theatre, a small Gym, Massage chairs. Aeren also has Cafeteria and pantries for any time meal/ snacks on each floor. We focus on freshly prepared hygienic food.

production and delivery area

Aeren Delivery Centre industrializes the delivery of our innovations to unlock the power of New IT and transform business processes through our unparalleled network.

IT service delivery is the manner in which a corporation provides information technology accessible to users throughout an application's lifecycle. IT service delivery covers the design, development, deployment, operation and retirement of the application and IT.

We are 24 x 7 operational, systematic work station, excellent service delivery network with the best people talent to assure Quality and on-time delivery.

Networking and Server

We have high-end networking protection system to protect the usability and integrity of our network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies. Effective network security manages access to the network. It targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network. Any device configuration change will be done after the approval of the Program Manager. We have our own expert team to address any type of networking, IT security and server-related issue.

A-line with the latest technology, we have high speed Internet Broadband, Wi-Fi Access Point with Excellent connectivity, Firewall, Domain Controller Server, Dynamic excess control. We have UTM Box, Juniper SSG 5. We have separate dedicated server rooms and specialized networking rooms.

Security systems

Soft Security Systems

Understanding the need for the security of the data of our clients, we have the world’s top line, 3 level security systems. Increasing security has always been an issue since Internet and Web Development came into existence, text-based passwords are not enough to counter such problems. Therefore, this demands the need for something more secure along with being more user-friendly. Therefore, we have tried to increase the security by involving a 3-level security approach, involving text based password at Level 1, Image-based Authentication at Level 2, and an automated generated one-time password (received through an automated email to the authentic user) at Level 3. Diligent efforts have been made for thwarting Shoulder attack, Tempest attack, and Brute-force attack at client-side, through the use of IBA (Image Based Authentication) System.

Building Level Security

The entire building is covered with CCTV. 24 x 7 recordings of all the common areas inside and outside the building are supervised by our dedicated team. Physical checking is done at the Gate. Guards ensure round-the-clock security. The presence of alarm systems, personalized card keys and biometric scanners further increase the security and make it robust.

Fire Security System

Our fire protection system includes but is not limited to smoke detectors, fire escape, automatic sprinklers, extinguishers and alarms. We have a dedicated separate water tank to deal with any unwanted fire. We have constant physical as well as electronic supervision and a supervisor team, fully trained to deal with such unwanted situations. We meet all the necessary requirements set by the government under the fire code.